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From a small outlet in Ahmedabad over 80 years back, Vadilal Industries Ltd has today emerged as Indias second largest ice cream player.

The company is also one of the largest frozen processed food players in India with significant exports of frozen vegetables and ready to eat snacks, curries and breads.

Vadilals aim is to become an Indian multinational in ice creams & frozen foods, and to provide products and services at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Vadilal Industries have been successful because of its strong brand identity, high product quality, timely supply and extensive reach. A major success factor has been its ability to cater to different market segments through multiple product ranges. Vadilal has the largest range of ice creams in the country with 150 plus flavours and they are sold in a variety of more than 250 packs and forms. The range includes cones, candies, bars, ice-lollies, small cups, big cups, family packs, and economy packs.

It offers something for all tastes, preferences and budgets. The company has two manufacturing facility at Pundhra (Gandhinagar District, Gujarat) and Bareilly (Uttarpradesh).Vadilal has very strong distribution network having 60,000 retailers, 750 distributors, 50 CNF and 300 distribution vehicles. The production capacity was 2,25,000 litres per day which is increased to 3,25,000 litres per day

When passion is the driving force behind a business, there is never an end to betterment and Vadilal serves as the best example for that. Even after decades of spreading happiness as the most-loved ice-cream brand of the country, the company was yearning to give another great impetus to the group.

Thus, it took up something more challenging, contemporary and diversified. And the result was the launch of Vadilals processed food division Vadilal Quick Treat.
With Quick Treat, an even robust approach was undertaken within which the group assembled the best and newest of technologies, refined R&D facilities and exceptional quality support teams. The never give up attitude of the Vadilal management created a worldwide brand that delivers freshness, sealed with trust.

With a seemingly endless array of distinctive products to choose from, the Quick Treat basket of freshness has something for everyone, for anytime of the day and for any occasion. The Vadilal Quick Treat delicacies range from delightful Indian breads and snacks to mouth-watering Indian curries. The list doesnt end here, it also has an extensive range of IQF vegetables and fruits.

Along with having a strong distribution network in India, Vadilal Quick Treat has more than 100 importers and distributors across America, Australia, UK, Canada, Europe, UAE, Africa and Singapore. And today, the companys goal of making consumers lives easier continues. More and more delightful products are added to list – products that make lives healthier, easier and, of course, happier.

Apart from Ice Cream and Processed Foods, the group also has diversified in Real Estate, Chemicals and Forex.
The group is actively expanding in categories which offer value chain benefits and strong growth. Owing to the strong backward linkages with the farmer community for milk procurement, Vadilal forayed in the flavored milk segment in 2012 under the brand name of Power Sip.

Staying true to its commitment of offering world class ice cream experience to the consumers, Vadilal launched the first Artisanal Gelato outlet in the country by the name of Melt in.

The in house gelato lab at melt in has imported equipment from Italy. A French chef was roped into design the kitchen, prepare the non gelato menu and to train the outlets in house chefs. It serves fresh gelatos made on a daily basis at the outlet itself and not at a factory. We will give Indian customers an unforgettable customer experience of having freshly made artisanal gelato in the original Italian Style. The outlet located in Ahmedabad also serves savouries like wraps, beverages and bakery items apart from artisanal gelato that would offer customers a different experience all together.

With the course of time, the group has made a successful transformation from a local business to a truly global brand with its footprints all over the world. There is no room for doubt that the group’s future surely looks full of Happinezz.