Our Plants

Vadilal group of industries has 3 plants namely the Bareilly Plant, the Dharampur Plant and the Pundhra Plant. The group ensures the practices carried out in each plant are safe and beneficial for the society


Ice-Cream Production (Bareilly & Pundhra Plant)

Both Pundhra and Bareilly plants are well equipped with the latest world-class manufacturing facilities. The in-house R & D department continuously strives to offer a variety of ice cream flavours. The plants have been awarded several quality benchmarks which are a proof of our great ice cream quality and hygiene.Read More

At Bareilly plant,approximately 450 Kgs of dry fruits per day on an average.The present production capacity of the plant is100 MTs/Day
The cone manufacturing capacity of the plant is 3,00,000 cones/day and the rated capacity of candy manufacturing at Bareilly plant is about 8,00,000. There are 3,00,000 lits effluent treatment plant in the campus to treat the effluents of the plant. Only Agri-based products are used as ingredients in Ice cream. This plant provides employment to around 770 workers on an average from local villages. As a corporate social objective, we also ensure round the year market at remunerative price for the rural milk farmers in & around Bareilly by developing a milk procurement net-work on Amul- pattern providing them with farmer/cattle insurance & other technical inputs. Also in the process,getting fresh milk for the manufacture of Ice-cream for our valued costumers.

Dharampur Plant:

The Dharampur plant is the Frozen food Vadilal Quik treat plant. Latest Production capacity of frozen products is110 MT / Day, Canning is 110 MT / Day and Ready to eat is about 10 MT / day. Daily usage of fruits and vegetables is more than 300 MT. Proportion of land that is allotted to tree plantation plant and green belt at Dharampur is 50,000 Sq. Ft. The plant conducts 6 stages of quality checks on products before they are deemed ready for consumption. Vadilal Group has generated employment opportunities in various sectors at various levels for about Lakhs of people since its inception.

Pundhara Factory Address: Bareilly Address:
Vadilal Industries Ltd.
Village-Pundhara ,Tal-Mansa
Dist: Gandhinagar,382855
D-24, Persakhera Ind. Area
Bareilly: 243502: UP

Pundhra Plant :

Pundhra plant is one of Fully Automated Icecream Mix plant in India.The plant recycles water, the cold storage defrost water is used in Cooling Tower in the Plant.It has latest ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant) with a capacity of 5 lakh/day. Fifteen quality checks are conducted in Pundhra Plant before the product is deemed ready for consumption.