We are the people who love Ice Creams, Ice Cream Lovers & People who Spread that LOVE.

To make you see a world where Ice Cream is the answer to all your questions is a motive that we strive for.

Vadilal ice creams are not only loved for its taste but the consistent high quality standards as well .

Vadilal has always adopted the latest and the most suitable technique for preparing its ice creams.

The motto behind this is to give its customers the best products and retain a smile of satisfaction and happiness on their faces.

Keeping this in mind, a wide range of icecreams and frozen desserts made using contemporary techniques are available.

Extensive research and development happens throughout the year.

Continuous innovations in terms of products as well as manufacturing technology as well as distribution has enabled us to remain aming the Top 3 brands in the ice cream segemnt in the country.

In true sense, the experience of eating Vadilal icecreams and frozen dessert stands up to its motto of Happinezz ka swad.

Vadilal has been serving the best taste, best quality and continuous innovations at affordable prices since more than 8 decades.

And this dedication has earned Vadilal earned great love from its customers and numerous awards.

India's most prominent icecream brand enjoys a huge patronage and goodwill overseas also.

This has encouraged us to start export of Vadilal icecreams and frozen desserts as well.